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May 25, 2018
09:45:57  Audit Oversight Board - Only Auditors Registered with AOB to Audit Financial Statements of Public Interest Companies   -  General Notices      
09:12:00  Proposed Delisting of Companies   -  General Notices      
09:11:09  Issuance of Compulsory Buy-Back Direction to the Listed Companies quoted in the Defaulters Segment u/c 5.11.2.(e) of PSX Regulations   -  General Notices      
09:08:03  Compliance with the Compulsory Buy-Back Direction by M/S. Pakistan Industrial & Commercial Leasing Limited (PICL) u/c 5.11.2 (e) of PSX Regulations   -  General Notices      

May 24, 2018
16:15:47  Resumption of Trading - Buy-Back of Shares by the Sponsors of Adil Textile Mills Limited   -  General Notices      
15:06:17  First Zeiva (private) Limited - Relinquishment /Surrender of TRE Certificate of Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited   -  General Notices      

May 23, 2018
14:13:30  Change of Authorized Person of M/s. AZEE Securities (Private) Limited   -  General Notices      
14:11:50  Shifting of Branch office of JS Global Capital Limited   -  General Notices      

May 22, 2018
16:43:44  Proposed Delisting of Companies - Compliance Deadline June 06,2018   -  General Notices      
16:42:04  Issuance of Compulsory Buy-Back Direction to M/s.Saudi Pak Leasing Company Limited (SPLC) u/c 5.11.2.(e) of PSX Regulations   -  General Notices      
16:40:35  Suspension of Trading in the Shares of The Companies   -  General Notices      
16:33:30  Suspension of Trading in the Shares M/s.Khalid Siraj Textile Mills Limited for Non-Compliance of Clauses 5.11.1 (e) & (I) of PSX Regulations   -  General Notices      
16:25:15  Shifting of Companies from the Defaulters Segment to Normal Counter & Restoration of Trading in their Shares   -  General Notices      
15:59:36  Notice for closure of Branch Office of M/s. Next Capital Limited   -  General Notices      
15:38:19  SECP - Gazette of Pakistan S.R.O. 609 (I)/2018   -  General Notices      
14:50:08  Darson Securities (Private) Limited - Change of Status of Branch Office Into Office and Office into Branch Office   -  General Notices      

May 21, 2018
10:40:50  Collection of Amount of Capital Gain Tax (CGT) from Clearing Members & Pakistan Mercantile Exchange for the Period April 01, 2018 to April 30, 2018 and from Mutual Funds for the Period January 01 to March 31, 2018   -  General Notices      

May 18, 2018
15:39:27  Revised Deliverable Futures Contract Schedule for Trading & Settlement of M/s. Engro Polymer and Chemicals Limited   -  General Notices      
14:43:49  NCCPL - Commencement of Comprehensive Risk Management System for Broker Clearing Members (BCMs) by NCCPL - Mock Session Timing   -  General Notices      
09:10:40  SECP Order in the matter of Island Textile Mills Limited   -  General Notices      

May 17, 2018
12:56:19  DELISTING OF ATLAS GOLD FUND (AGF)   -  General Notices      
11:11:37  SECP Order in the matter of Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited   -  General Notices      

May 16, 2018
18:11:10  Suspension of Trading in the Shares of the Companies   -  General Notices      
18:07:12  Suspension of Trading in the Shares of the Companies   -  General Notices      
18:05:29  Issuance of Order by SECP in the Matter of M/s.Khurshid Spinning Mills Limited   -  General Notices      
17:59:33  Notice for All Market Participants - Switching-Off of Trading Terminals of M/s. Fair Deal Securities (Private) Limited - TRE Certificate Holder, PSX]   -  General Notices      
17:38:57  Suspension of Trading in the Sukuk- 4 Issue of K-Electric Limited   -  General Notices      
17:38:22  Suspension of Trading in the Sukuk- 3 Issue of K-Electric Limited   -  General Notices      
17:36:59  Commencement of Trading in the Unpaid Rights of Ghandhara Nissan Limited   -  General Notices      
17:34:53  SECP Order dated May 16, 2018 passed by the Commission in the matter of M/s. Khurshid Spinning Mills Limited, regarding show Couse notice issued for Winding-Up of the Company Under Clause (b) of Section 309 read with Clause (c) and (f) of Section 305 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984,   -  General Notices      
15:05:30  NCCPL - Designated Time Schedule (DTS) of NCC Systems for the Holy Month of Ramadan 2018   -  General Notices      
13:00:24  Notice For All TREC Holders/ Brokers - Trading & Settlement Schedule of Ready Market (T+2) for the Month of June 2018   -  General Notices      
12:58:21  Notice For All TREC Holders - Schedule for Trading & Settlement of 90 Days Stock Index Future Contracts (SIFC)   -  General Notices      
12:56:46  Notice For All TREC Holders/ Brokers - Deliverable Future Contract Schedule For Trading & Settlement   -  General Notices      
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